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Sammy Bonetti - Voice-overs


As a Voice-Artist Sammy always brings fun and pathos to performance with fresh, humorous charm and is popular with the children’s broadcast channels. Sammy-Joy is a capable and feisty rower, a keen dancer and singer who enjoys inventing eccentric songs while learning a little piano in between netball scores.









Joey Bonetti - Voice-overs


As a Voice-Artist, Joey is immediately likeable, inventive, boyish and versatile. A talented footballer, he aims to follow in his grandfather, Peter’s, paw-prints. Joey is also a powerful rower as well as handy rugby, cricket player and guitarist.









Cesca Bonetti - Voice-overs


As a Voice-Artist, she is a typical teenage ‘lady’; bubbly and fun-loving, individual, yet dry to ironic. Cesca is a talented Singer and Song-Writer currently recording her titles, a qualified bassoonist and guitarist, trained ballet-dancer and kick-boxer with a hunger for competitive rowing, hockey and Art. She will be studying Economics and languages.







They've been doing a lot of work as Voice-Overs, appearing in Commercials,
BBC radio comedy dramas and now they're going into movies...
Plus.... there's Mum and Dad...

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