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CESCA (The Eldest)

As an Actress, Cesca Bonetti delivers
a quiet, steely-clear film presence.
Her motionless eye-line conjures ‘mature, psychological essence’.

As a Voice-Artist, she is a typical teenage ‘lady’; bubbly and fun-loving, individual, yet dry to ironic. Cesca is a talented Singer and Song-Writer currently recording her titles,
a qualified bassoonist and guitarist, trained ballet-dancer and kick-boxer with a hunger for competitive rowing, hockey and Art. She will be studying Economics and languages.



As a Film Actor Joseph delivers a still yet penetrative presence and performances centered on vulnerability and clear visual emotion.

As a Voice-Artist, Joey is immediately likeable, inventive, boyish and versatile.
A talented footballer, he aims to follow in
his grandfather, Peter’s, paw-prints. Joey is also a powerful rower as well as handy rugby, cricket player and guitarist.

SAMMY-JOY (The youngest)


A spontaneous and characterful Actress,
Sammy’s vividly inventive imagination and enthusiasm enhance her performances in Films, Animation Features and Commercials for lots of ad-Agencies in the UK.

As a Voice-Artist Sammy always brings
fun and pathos to performance with fresh,
humorous charm and is popular with the children’s broadcast channels. 
is a capable and feisty rower, a keen
dancer and singer who enjoys inventing eccentric songs while learning a little piano in between netball scores.

A family unit of five Actors and Voice-overs all readily packaged (and licensed). Their availabilities via their own recording studio with Skype and ISDN/Source-Connect link-up offers a powerful casting and production asset for global connectivity.


The Bonetti Kids are acting in Films, Commercials, Animation, TV Commercials and radio advertising campaigns as well as playing comedy characters in animation features and series-episodic. Licences are turned around in 48 hours (business days) by the ‘Kids’ Team at Hobsons International Artists, London. Now you can cast the Bonetti’s together, in lumps or individually.































John Gripeos, Slave Doytcheva, Jeonguen Choi
“while shooting my film Memories of your Devotion I worked with Cesca Bonetti, and Joseph Bonetti. Our relationship throughout
the whole shoot was excellent. Although at a very young age Cesca, and Joseph not only worked as professionals with great respect for the script interpretation but also showed great potential as screen actors achieving great performances in a short amount of time…”

Ioannis-Aiolos Grypaios – Memories Of Your Devotion.

“Sammy and Joey are surprisingly professional for their
young age. They remained concentrated and unaffected by the inherent film-production chaos throughout the whole shoot, while at the same time showing a good understanding of the filmmaking process. Such dedication is admirable even in older actors. Both kids displayed a
deep interest in their work and willingness to explore, taking direction very easily.
That was also further helped by their natural intelligence, curiosity and easy-going, energetic personalities. As a result, working with them was both stimulating and fulfilling for me as a director.
…the resulting performances of Sammy and Joey were both so strong that at the end of the shoot I was asking myself whether I used them to the best of their abilities. I would definitely not miss a chance to work with Sammy and Joey again in the future and I whole-heartedly recommend them as inspiring young actors worthy of your consideration !” Sincerely, S Doytcheva ‘Whiteness’“…Samantha is really adorable and utterly good as a character which is not easy to be made by a child. Thank you for all the contributions that the Bonetti’s made to this filming.” Jeonguen Choi Films, Dove Commercial.




We have our own recording studio (all Broadcast Industry standards) with source-connect and soon, ISDN Digital and Source-Connect linkable access via phone-line and web with any compatible studio worldwide. U87 & Protools 9HD & 7.4 LE Pic-sync available.
Meanhwhile, please do give Gaynor a call at Hobsons and she will be delighted to send you voce reels and give you loads of details.
Previous clients include, Nickelodeon, Disney, BBC, M & C Saatchi,





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